Colorado Reverse Mortgage... Helping You Move Forward, In Reverse! SM


I just finished paying some bills here and couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief that there’s money in the bank to meet my needs. Thank you, God, and thank you (and others below) for your support in getting these funds available so that my Holiday (and life) is stress-free for the first time in many, many years.

A “Financial Planner” at XYZ lost much of my inheritance and savings. Didn’t know how I was going to live… FEAR! I trekked the dregs to JD at Morgan Stanley who sat peacefully opposite me at his desk while I blubbered my heart out. JD has been very steadfast to help me make it through the past few years when I extracted every penny from XYZ because of my loss of trust in them. I actually threw up all night after having lost faith not only in XYZ but in myself for trusting way too much in an institution like that who put my nest egg (meant to last me “forever”) in products that could wipe me out. And, they did. But JD put me on a financial diet for which I’ll be forever grateful and encouraged me to investigate the Reverse Mortgage.

I’d also like to thank your wife, Kara, for her professional and thorough (also painless) processing of the Reverse Mortgage loan. This was my second time around applying for the Reverse (the first company said they knew all about HECM’s but they were clueless); working with you was seamless and lovely. Don’t we all need that? But the Reverse has happened now, and I happily just paid bills. So, so grateful.

Also, I would like to thank CG at Fidelity National Title for her assistance and professionalism during my first attempt at the reverse mortgage and certainly the 2nd (and final) attempt with you guys.

I always put my spare change in a big coffee can to trek down to the bank at this time of year. Usually it amounts to about $200. Today, I am counting the change and figuring it will go to RezDawg Rescue group.

Thank you all for your help in making this money available to me when most needed.

Nicholas H.