Colorado Reverse Mortgage... Helping You Move Forward, In Reverse! SM


Dear Mace,

I feel so much relief having the reverse mortgage. What a great outcome we had!! Thank you again, and below is an endorsement for you. Hope it’s not too over the top, but I mean every word. Hope to see you soon.

“Applying for a mortgage can be a complicated and sometimes emotional experience, but Mace Kochenderfer’s service is so competent and so complete, that he almost makes it seem easy. Mace always looks on the positive side of things and offers help beyond what one usually receives from a loan officer. He is friend, confidant and counselor, all the while fiercely advocating for you and your mortgage. I have had several mortgages over the years, but have never worked with a more intelligent, friendly or thorough mortgage loan officer than Mace. I now count him among my friends and recommend him enthusiastically to others. Mace is the ultimate “Can-Do Man.””

Kind regards,
Peggy O.